Frequently Asked Questions


How should I order?

Order online with our secure checkout.

Call us at 252-931-1180. We love to talk to our customers!

If you live in the area just drop by our drop-off locations. Click here for locations.

Once your order has been received it may take 3 – 4 weeks to complete. Although processing a very large project could take a little longer. Store drop-off orders take 1 - 2 weeks. If you need it expedited, see “Rush Fee.”

Do I receive my originals back?

Yes, we send everything back to you just as we received them.

VHS, VHSC, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDv, 8mm and Super 8mm film, 8mm with audio, 16mm film. Photos, 35mm Slides, Negatives, SD Cards, Flash Drives, Hard Drive Camera’s, Cassettes, Albums and Microcassettes. If you don’t see yours listed here, just contact us.

Will the DVD's I receive back play in my DVD player?

We use high quality DVD-5 -R discs. This DVD is the most compatible disc available and will play in all major DVD players and computers.

Yes, we can transfer your PAL videotapes or DVD’s

Do you convert copyright material?

INMOTION will not process copyrighted material without written permission from the copywriter. If you receive their permission a copy will need to be included with your order.

Most film reels have footage markers on the side of the reel. If those are not there you can measure across the diameter of the reel with a ruler or tape measure. If you have small reels (usually in a plastic case measuring 3” in diameter) those are 50-foot reels. The larger metal reels are usually 200 feet, 300 feet or 400 feet. Sometimes the larger reels may not be full, again just measure the diameter of film on the reel.

Can you repair film or videotape if they are broken?

Yes, we can repair your videotape for an additional cost of $25.00. If your film is broken we will professionally splice it back together at no charge. It is not uncommon for some of the larger film reels to be broken or have old splices break within the reel. We can fix a large variety of VHS problems. However, not all VHS's can be repaired.

INMOTION will put approximately 2 hours of video footage on a single DVD. If you are transferring photos or slides about 500 images will fit on a data disc. About 1,500 feet of film fills a DVD.

How do I care for my DVD to make sure it lasts?

Always keep your DVD in the case when it is not being used. Keep away from heat and humidity. It is best to keep them in a place where your temperature stays the most consistent. Not in areas where the temperature can make a lot of changes such as an attic or basement. Always handle a DVD from the edges. Don’t touch the backs. The oils from your hands or other surfaces can damage them.

Yes, INMOTION does not apply any copy protection to your DVD. As long as you have the software, hardware and know how you can make your own copies.

What if I need my transfer back faster than your turn around time? Do you have a rush service?

Contact INMOTION if you need a faster turnaround time. We can meet your needs. Additional fees may apply.

Absolutely. Once your movies are at our location you can rest easy knowing we are taking care of your memories as if they were our own! We are proud to say in over 12 years we have never lost anything.

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